Easter at Taronga: a combination of cute animals and adrenalin to tempt a teenager

There are plenty of new baby faces to see at Taronga Zoo these Easter holidays, including the Zoo’s first ever Bilby joeys, a cheeky Squirrel Monkey baby and an Eastern Bongo Calf. Enough even to tempt cynical teenagers. Especially with the introduction of Taronga’s new Wild Ropes Course.

The cute stuff first…

Taronga announced the birth of two Bilby joeys in December. The female joeys, named ‘Tanami’ and ‘Tirari’, continue to grow in confidence and can often be spotted exploring and burrowing in their exhibit alongside mother, Yajala.

taronga Zoo Bilby Joey Photo by Rob Dockerill

Taronga Bilby Keeper, Paul Davies said Easter was a great time to learn more about these shy nocturnal marsupials and focus attention on native wildlife instead of their introduced competitor, the rabbit.

“Although Bilbies share some physical characteristics with rabbits, they have suffered a catastrophic decline over the past 200 years due to introduced predators such as feral foxes and cats, competition with rabbits and habitat degradation,” said Paul.

taronga Zoo Gorilla Baby Photo by Gemma Ortlipp

Visitors can also check up on Taronga’s young chimpanzees, Fumo, Sudi and Liwali, and Gorilla baby, Mjuuku, as well as the cheeky Squirrel Monkey group’s tiny new addition.

Taronga Zoo Bongo Calf Photo by Paul Fahy

If you look carefully you may also spot the male baby named ‘Julio’ holding onto mum, Lena, like a tiny furry backpack as she leaps around the trees of Amazonia.

Now for the Wild stuff.

Kids of all sizes (including me of course) can now experience Taronga’s wildlife and harbour views from an entirely new perspective, with their new treetop high ropes adventure, Wild Ropes.

Taronga Zoo Wild Ropes high ropes course

Navigate a series of 60 exciting challenges over four courses, including suspension bridges, rope climbs and zip-lines, while enjoying a bird’s eye view of the resident animals.

At heights of up to 10 metres above ground level, climbers can take in the sights like never before, and you get to capture your adrenalin-filled adventure with an on course action photo.

Taronga Zoo Wild Ropes high ropes course

According to Taronga’s Commercial Services Manager Marion Joyce, “Wild Ropes has been designed as a low environmental impact, high adventure experience that encourages people to play outside – not online – and to reconnect with nature and appreciate our unique wildlife.”

Taronga Zoo Wild Ropes high ropes course

And from personal experience, there’s nothing better than real-life adrenaline experiences to entice teens away from screens.

Wild Ropes is collaboration between Taronga Zoo and Ecoline. Specialising in tree-based eco adventures, Ecoline has multi-site experience designing, building and operating ropes courses in ecologically sensitive environments.

Taronga Zoo is open every day of the Easter school holidays. For more information visit www.taronga.org.au

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