Where to next? Indeed.

So this is my new blog. With part time kids (and those kids hurtling towards adulthood) I have decided to move on from family travel and start blogging about my midlife.

It will still involve travel obviously, but a different type of travel.

My midlife of course still involves kids. Two of them full-swing into teenage-hood with hormones raging, mood swings, rolling of eyes and deep sighs… and one approaching 20 and back from the Dark Side. Then there are two not-quite-teenagers who still accept cuddles.

So I’m now on the search for travel ideas to keep teens happy. And of course I’ll also be on the look out for travel ideas JUST FOR ME.

I’ll be asking my travel-loving kids to blog occasionally here as well, so I can start to put together some great ideas for travelling with teens – not an age group that many (any?) websites cater for.

The name of my blog is supposed to have a double meaning: where to travel to next and where my life might take me next. And where to next in my travels? Apparently it’s Auckland. But I still haven’t written about Tokyo. Or Taiwan. Or The Whitsundays. Stay tuned. I’ll get to that shortly. Love Deb x

Deborah Dickson-Smith at Lady Elliot Island



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Mother, travel blogger, social media diva, scuba girl and passionate eco-warrior, on a mission to remove plastic from my life. I also blog here about diving: www.diveplanitblog.com


  1. Great title for a blog, it will last a lifetime and it encompasses travel… and life. Like the nice clean design and ease with which the site can be navigated, plus more personal info about you. I’m still not great at being personal on my site and want to improve that.

    Here’s to travelling teenagers, with and without us mums… and here’s to travelling mums too, with and without our dear offspring.

  2. Jennifer Williams Reply

    exciting Deb, wish i could be you for a day, well maybe i leave the teens behind as i almost done with that, and well the youngest is not a typical teen in fact i dont even notice he is around he does his uni stuff and soccer and that’s that
    you look like you’re having the time of your life
    enjoy good luck for the new venture, sure it will be more fun

    • Thanks Jennifer! Wow – so you’re almost through the other end of teenagedom! I’ve still got a few years to go – I think they’re the most challenging yet, but I aim to have fun along the way whenever possible – it’s all about balance 🙂

  3. I agree with Seana – it is a great name for a blog. All the best with where this blog will take you 🙂

  4. campertrailertravels Reply

    Looking forward to reading more….we travel lots with Miss 15 and Master 13 and it’s getting harder and harder to please everyone!

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